The domaine


The estate is at the foot of the beautiful cirque of the Coteaux de Princé.

This place is protected, being a part of the Corniche Angevine listed site – which is said to form a monumental and emblematic place in Anjou.

The cellar constructed in 1910 possesses a nice, harmonious and functional architecture.
A program to refurbish the whole domain has been undertaken ; the roofs have been repaired, so were the cellar’s frame. All this was made along with the idea to keep the spirit of the place. To do so, we reused original slates and metal hinges.

Following an eco-construction goal, this renovation is to integrate with the surroundings ; insulations, wood wool, earth-to-air heat exchanger, rainwater collection, pumice concrete solid blocks, half buried stock.

The house originally built in 1870 was renovated a few years ago, keeping the original soul of the location. A great room is reserved for your visits and tastings.

During Spring 2011 we’ve planted 0.6 hectare of chenin in Princé. Those were our first steps in winning back this old renowned wine making site. In 2016 we’ve pursued this project by clearing the hill so we were able to plant it in April 2017.


Domaine Patrick BAUDOUIN - Princé - 49290 CHAUDEFONDS-SUR-LAYON
FRANCE - Tél./Fax : +33 (0)2 41 74 95 03

"l'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé" (article L.3323-4 du code de la santé publique)
"C'est la pénicilline qui guérit les hommes, mais c'est le bon vin qui les rend heureux". (Alexander Fleming)