The domaine


Thirteen hectares of vineyards on the beautiful lands of « Black Anjou » ; on schists, sandstones and volcanic rocks.
From Savennières to Quarts de Chaume, red Anjou Cabernet to dry white Anjou and sweet Coteaux-du-Layon with Chenin, all of them are organic wines.
In the cellar, we are working to give birth to wines not to make them. Slow fermentations in barrels, no yeasting, nor chaptalization, little sulphites. We are giving you wines marked by their terroirs. These wines may relate to you the story of their birth through your glass. All of our wines are offering numerous possibilities of expression and nice ageing potential.

This desire to seek the best expression of the terroir and our wish for organic farming requires a lot of work. We are currently employing one person per two hectares – this data should be an important fact concerning the right for the acquisition of the PDO certification.

This terroir required level was also confirmed when we’ve bought one hectare of Quarts de Chaume in 2008 along with the plantation of another hectare in Savennières a year later. However, we refused to wait for the Savennières parcels’ maturity so we’ve decided to create a “trade society” in 2008 called “Patrick Baudouin Vins”. From 2008 to 2014 this society has purchased excellent quality grapes from Savennières (in organic farming) before the domain harvested and vinified them. Since 2015 our Savennières are the result of our own vines and not of purchased grapes anymore.

Domaine Patrick BAUDOUIN - Princé - 49290 CHAUDEFONDS-SUR-LAYON
FRANCE - Tél./Fax : +33 (0)2 41 74 95 03

"l'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé" (article L.3323-4 du code de la santé publique)
"C'est la pénicilline qui guérit les hommes, mais c'est le bon vin qui les rend heureux". (Alexander Fleming)