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« Anjou’s wines are the produce of Pineau Blanc. Anjou good wines are not esteemed to their true value. Very few white wines in France are to be preferred to Anjou’s.Excepted in Saumur, the whole department produces only whites. Near Angers, the Coteaux du Layon and their schists are the most coveted. » French Oenology, Mr Cavoleau 1827

During tastings, we often hear “well let’s go and try a little wine from Anjou” ; the truth is 50 % of Anjou’s claiming for the PDO (AOC) are rosés. Dry wines (chenin) are only 5%. Spirituous without chaptalization is a drop in the ocean. Yet our schists in Savennières, Quarts de Chaume and the Layon are great terroirs which could give amazing wines if the winemakers find the way to do it right.
Doing it right and obtaining excellent wines is our ambition and we hope you can feel it when drinking our products.

Since our first steps we’ve favored the delivery of our wines by professionals which is the guarantee to offer you proximity and conviviality ; in “our wines” you’ll find all the addresses of restaurants, wine merchants, wine bars and where to find us abroad. We will also welcome you at the domain by appointment. Not forgetting that you can buy our wines online too.

Our Muse
Created in 1896, the non-sugar adding (antisucreurs) syndicate, mainly composed by Layon’s winemakers adopted this statue depicting a young woman holding grapes in her hands ; the grapes being the only sources of wine for those winemakers from the Layon.

Instructions for our customers
You can download labels and wine notes. Just go on the wine you want ; click on “voir la fiche” you’ll have it in PDF. You will also get the labels in high definition. Sold out vintages are to be found in “records”.

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"l'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé" (article L.3323-4 du code de la santé publique)
"C'est la pénicilline qui guérit les hommes, mais c'est le bon vin qui les rend heureux". (Alexander Fleming)